Welcome to Fred.Olsen Travel, your DMC when planning a visit to Norway.  We have a wide range of products and work with good and reliable travel suppliers in the country.

2015 saw the fall of the Norwegian kroner.  This contributed to the increased attractiveness of Norway as a destination.  An expensive destination for the longest time, now is your chance to visit the country.  The kroner may have fallen in value, but our nature is just as magical.  Our Northern lights, just as elusive and majestic.  Our mountains, just as fresh.  We have a lot of great sports athletes in skiing, and they train on the harshest terrain in Norway.  Are you just starting to learn how to ski, we can suggest other places for you to learn and/or practice your skills in the snow.

Whatever your budget, needs, requirements, or special interests, we can make this tour the best you ever had.

If you are a first-time visitor to Norway, let us just give you a short introduction to the country. Most tourists arrive through our main airport, Gardermoen, in Oslo.  We start our services here as we arrange for your transfer to the city.  A visit to Oslo is recommended for everyone.

The fjords of Norway are world famous – and a must when visiting our destination.  Many visitors also wish to see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, Mother Nature’s own fireworks!  Seeing the Northern Lights can not be guaranteed, but we know when is the best time when the probability of seeing it is.

Bergen and Stavanger are gateways to the fjords.  Bergen’s “Bryggen” is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. A must then for first-timers.  We do get a lot of repeat visitors as they cannot get enough of Bergen.  Bergen can also be your starting point for taking the Coastal Cruise (Hurtigruten).  We book the Coastal Cruise and can design a package for you with this included.

Stavanger is a cozy city, also known as “the oil capital”, as most of the offshore oil drilling in the North Sea is controlled in Stavanger.  From here, you can visit the Pulpit Rock, where you have a spectacular view of the Lyse Fjord.

Trondheim is a Norway’s third largest city.  The city houses the country’s foremost technological university (NTNU).  Trondheim is also home to the biggest church and culture festival, “Olavfestdagen”. You may take the Hurtigruten from other cities and get off here to explore the city a few hours, or stay here a couple of nights.

Tromsø, often nick-named “Paris of the North”, is a lively university city located well above the Arctic Circle. Here you can hunt the Northern Lights, Mother Nature’s own fireworks.

Norway is a very diverse land.  Due it’s geography, it is not a country easily navigated by first-timers.  Let us do all the groundwork and the preparation. All you have to do is pack your bags and enjoy the country.

We give you Norway with a twist.

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