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General Information about Norway


Although Norway does not have an official hotel star rating, the hotels are still “unofficially” rated. There are no 5 star hotels as you find them in a lot of countries, but several very good 4 stars. Due to the high salary level, the hotels do not have the same amount of staff as f.ex in the Orient. What the hotels may lack in staff ratio, they compensate with friendly service and hospitality – and in  location  – especially in the fjord country and along the coast.


Let’s be honest; Norway has not been the country that comes to mind when you think of the world’s foremost cuisines. However, this has changed enormously over the last 15-20 years. 5 Bocuse d’Or winners since 1993 has inspired chefs all over Norway in contributing to the New Nordic Cuisine. With 25.000 km coastline the delicacies of the ocean are found just on our doorstep. Vast areas of mountains and highland provide excellent pasture, giving us perhaps the best lamb in the world. And let’s not forget the excellent game – and another specialty; reindeer.


The native tongue in Norway is Norwegian, but as there are only some 5 million people speaking Norwegian, we simply have to speak other languages. English is taught already from first grade and the Norwegians love to practice their English. Traditionally also German and French have been taught in school, but the tendency among the young today is to choose Spanish as second foreign language.

When to travel to Norway

If you are looking for fjord experiences, April-mid-October is the best period, and you’ll be more to yourself at the beginning and end of this period. For winter adventures and the Northern Lights, we recommend you to travel from December-March.

History at a glance

  • 850 – 1030        Viking Age
  • 1030 – 1537      Middle Ages
  • 1537 – 1814      Under Danish Rule
  • 1814 – 1905      Union with Sweden
  • 1905                   Norway sovereign state

System of Government

Constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy

Norway is not a member of EU

Head of state: Prime Minister Erna Solberg

Royal Family headed by King Harald V and Queen Sonja

Geographical Location

58° to 71° north – Anchorage, Alaska is at 61°


385.150km² including Svalbard – slightly bigger than Japan


5.2 million

Capital City

Oslo, 650.000

Other Important Cities

  • Bergen 275.000
  • Trondheim 185.060
  • Stavanger 132.160
  • Tromsø 72.500


Relatively mild for the location due to the Gulf Stream.

Average temperatures:

January June
Oslo -4,3 15,2
Bergen/Fjords   1,3 13,3
Trondheim -3 12
Stavanger  1,2 12,8
Tromsø (Arctic) -4,4  9,1

Midnight Sun

During the summer the sun does not set above the Arctic Circle –
you have 24 hour sunshine.  South of the Arctic Circle the sun
sets for 2-3 hours, depending on where you are.

Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis

Observed mostly above the Arctic Circle between
late autumn and early spring.


“VAT constitutes upto 25% of services and goods in Norway”. As an international client, you can reclaim VAT from the Norwegian Tax Administration after your group has been in Norway.


Norwegian krone (NOK)

Check today’s rate here

Travel to Norway

Reaching Norway

It’s easy to reach Norway, with 82 direct international flight to Oslo, 29 to Bergen, 30 to Stavanger, in addition to 3 to Tromsø – the arctic.

If you plan for a destination that does not have international connection, the domestic network is extensive with frequent departures.